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January 12, 2011 § 62 Comments

February 6, 2012: Since I first published my post, I have received a full refund for my botched order. However, I still would not recommend shopping at this company as many other customers have come forward with poor experiences in the comments. Don’t give these people your money.  If you are having trouble getting through to them and have not received your order in a timely manner, contact your credit card company or bank, or file a Paypal dispute, as soon as possible.

In short: This company would rather cancel part of your order and risk your dissatisfaction than miss out on making an extra buck.

I’ve been hunting around for a good pair of ripped black skinny jeans for a while that won’t break the bank, so when I caught sight of these at I was ecstatic.  Well, that’s not the entire story — I first found these jeans on eBay for $30+ on sale.  Out of curiosity, I Googled the seller, and found that the account is actually linked to DWD. (If you type “” into your URL bar, you will arrive at  Here I found those same jeans, for $16.99.  Like I said, ecstatic.  I snapped up three pairs of size 3’s, and by the time I was done checking out, there still appeared to be more left.

Fast forward a few days later, and DWD informs me that they’ve shipped out my order — but they’re all out of stock on the jeans, so they’re refunding me.  Normally, this wouldn’t tick me off that much, but: a) I really want a pair in this style; and b) something must be really damn off about your stock-tracking system if you can list more than three quantities of an item which isn’t in-stock.

Then, I remembered some of the feedback comments I read on the eBay account associated with this site.  At least one buyer complained that the seller listed an item that they couldn’t sell for one reason or another.  I started to get the sneaking suspicion that DWD was not actually “out of stock”, and was in fact just trying to get a higher profit margin by relisting the items for a higher price on eBay.  This is something I’ve encountered before with non-clothing, high-demand items: the seller will cancel part of a  customer’s order with the claim that those items are no longer available, and then relist those very same items under a higher price on their website.  Except, DWD is just trying to be less sneaky about it by doing it through eBay. And through a different account (yes, also leads to the DWD website).  Which hardly matters, since they’re using the exact same photos, graphics, and copy from their other account.

Behold: those jeans I so wanted, on eBay, at nearly twice the price with shipping.  Granted, one of those listings was created before my order (I ordered on Sunday January 9, 2011), but the fact that they continued to create two new listings after that date is galling.  Either they’re being lazy about maintaining their stock and selling something they don’t have, or they’re placing getting an extra $20 over customer satisfaction.  I’m most likely overreacting, but either way this stinks. EDIT: After posting this, I checked the eBay search again and it appears they just listed another pair of those size 3 jeans, except on their “nowdiscountshoes” account.  Now, I’m convinced of their dishonest practices.

The worst part is, many customers will find these jeans on eBay, not knowing that they are available for much less on the main website.

So, as of now, I’m receiving two items I didn’t really want all that much — I ordered them to meet the $60 minimum for free shipping — and zero pairs of jeans.  The only good thing about this experience is that the customer service rep was timely in responding to my e-mails about shipping.  I’ll be e-mailing her about this situation in a bit and am awfully curious as to how that will end.

Moral of this story: only order here if they have something you really want at an unbeatable price.  And even then they may screw you over on that.


EDIT, 1-2 HOURS LATER: She replied with the following cookie-cutter e-mail:

We apologize that your transaction didn’t go smoothly with us. We try our best to make every customer happy and we do make mistakes. We are so sorry. We have refunded you money and will be in stock of these jeans shortly. Thank you!
It’s worth noting that I have yet to receive this refund (and Paypal refunds, from my experience, are usually instantaneous).  I’ll continue checking back on this over the next week.  I’ll also keep an eye on the website, and see if her claims about refilling stock are true.  If they are, I’ll try ordering the jeans again to see if this was just a fluke, or a recurring issue.  I can’t lose, right?  I either get my cheap jeans, or they cancel my order again and refund my money.  I hope.
EDIT, January 18, 2011, NEARLY A WEEK AFTER THIS FIASCO: Still no refund!  I contacted customer service in the hopes they’ll return my damn money.  If not, I’m filing a report with Paypal.  This is simply unbelievable.
EDIT, May 2, 2011: I haven’t had time to maintain this blog like I wanted, not to mention I haven’t had the funds to spend on new clothes, so I failed to mention that yes, I eventually received my refund. (After filing a Paypal dispute.) However, I decided to make this amendment to the post because I received a call from DWD, who I assume was some sort of higher-up because he mentioned that the customer service rep I spoke got fired, and that the company is making efforts to improve stock management and other parts of their business.  He wanted to make sure that I received my refund, and offered to refund the rest of my order as well while letting me keep the other items I received as “a gift.”   He did ask that I consider taking down the post in exchange, which I of course refused to do.  However I agreed that I would update it with this new information.
In the end I got my refund, even though I did not agree to take down my post.  I was pretty happy with this, even if it is 3-4 months late.  Hopefully this means that DWD is stepping up their game, and will no longer let customers down like me.  Here is the message the rep included:
Once again we sincerely apologize for the past transaction not going as smooth as we can definitely provided. I definitely want to thank you for your time over the phone with me and on top of the full refund I have arranged that to a step further.

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§ 62 Responses to Review – Horrible

  • Denise says:


    Last moth 2/14/11, I have ordered a pair of boots from this website and they told me that it was shipped through USPS International-First. I haven’t got the item, I have read some negative reviews from this website that I am starting to worry about the item I bought.

  • Connie says:

    I ordered to pairs of boots to Germany more than a week ago and I still cannot access any tracking information on the USPS tracking site…
    Besides, this site is just unresponsive!
    None of the emails I sent to them have been replied!
    I hope that my boots will arrive in time if at all…..

  • Tay says:

    Well what is their phone number? I have tried to look it up on their website and on google, but all my research does is lead me to the support email address. I am also having a major problem with the company.

    • Ivy says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know. I was called by the company, not the other way around. If you paid with Paypal, try filing a dispute if you really can’t get a response out of them.

  • Tay says:

    Ah. Ok. Thank you. That will definitely be my next step if I don’t hear from them.

  • Chelsea Kae says:

    You only got that treatment because they realized how much damage you could do to their company. This company screwed me over and I am full of anger towards them. DO NOT SHOP HERE. Check them out on the BBB website, you’ll see tons of complaints filed against them. They are a fraudulent company and they messed with the wrong girl. Unlike so many other people, I don’t take shit from companies. I’m a law student and I am determined to take these b!tches down. I’ll keep you updated. Will be contacting my news program today.

  • Catheirne Hurst says:

    Wow, wish I had looked into purchasing from this company prior to making over a $350 order to update my personal wardrobe. So upset right now. I too will file a complaint with the BBB after recieving such terrible customer service. Placed an order over ten days ago and got the form email stating my items would be shipped out within 24 hours. After waiting patiently, I emailed them asking where my tracking info was. I got a reply tonight saying they couldn’t process my order due to an unconfirmed address on my payment. The payment came out of my bank account the day after the transaction and the address used was my home address. They sent me some form email stating they would refund me, note only after I emailed them, but needed all this information like I was a retailer reselling the items!!! I’m so furious right now and feel SO stupid. I’m probably out the $350, right?

  • Remi Griffin says:

    well, i ordered a pair of shoes and when they camen they looked just fine. And they cam three days before they were expected to come. So I was very pleased and their prices are great

  • MsTiffany says:

    I unfortunately ordered shoes from boots2shoes on ebay…and yup, I did my research and turns out it’s linked to DWDS. I didn’t think anything by it, the website looked legit…right? So I went on and ordered them from eBay. Even though I do have my tracking information and it states the shoes have been shipped and are currently going through departure…I am scared to death. I’ve read so many complaints AFTER MY ORDER ; People not receiving their refund $, never recieving the item, etc.! I am so upset..However, trying to make myself feel better…I do realize they don’t scam on their eBay (as much) due to the fact they sell items for higher prices. Like you’s sad since DWDS has items for cheaper prices, and people don’t know that. But that’s the whole from DWDS for cheaper prices (don’t receive your item/refund) buy from boots2shoes on eBay much higher prices (more likely to get your item). Can’t win. This article was written in’s going on 2013 and DWDS is still in action. How?!

  • rane says:

    I total agree it took almost 30 days till they evn shipped out my order

  • mary says:

    this company is a joke i order some shoes. after it was taking so long to received the shoes i try calling them no answer i try to chat them since they have that in there website the chat is always off no reply. so i contact my paypal and i got my money back this was back in oct 1 is now nov 15 and they just reply to me im sorry for the dalay but we see no order number (really) of course there nothing now in your system i already cancel it and got my money back what a dissapointment. i do not recommend to shop from them.

  • belle says:

    I think the company has turned around because I ordered NINE PAIRS of shoes and got EVERY pair perfectly on time. It was extremely exciting.

    • julia says:

      i made an order and it said my card had declined, yet on my bankin activties the money was taken off for the site, what should i do?

      • Arianna says:

        mind just did that

      • Hello Julia,
        “Card Declined” issues are due to our FMF (Fraud Management Filter), provided by, in which honest errors will trigger this security measure such as:
        ~The ship-to address not matching the credit card’s billing address
        ~Debit cards and/or credit cards with a debit card feature are not accepted by this system and will result in a card declined message and a pending charge on your account.

        The resulting pending charge from these errors indicates that your order was never received and NO funds were taken. The fraud filter should release the funds within ~3-5 Business Days. My apologies for that inconvenience.

        For better success in the future please double check that your addresses are identical and you are not using a debit card feature. We also advise the use of PayPal (make sure that you confirm addresses and billing statements on your account as well).
        If the problem persists please contact our customer support at:
        help(at) (M-F 10am-5pm PST)

  • Arianna says:

    i just ordered and it said my transaction wasn’t authorized but it took money from my account several times idk what to do

    • Paris says:

      I just made a purchase and it stated that my bank card was declined im so PIST CUZ THEY MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT MY ACCOUNT I HAVE EMAIL THEM AND TRIED CALLINH NO ANSWER IM SO MAD

      • Arianna says:

        it’s really messed up, contact your bank ASAP.

      • Hello Paris,
        Pending charges like this are a false positive meaning that your order was never received and NO funds were taken as they were held up in our fraud management filter security measure. The charge should have removed itself within ~3-5 Business Days. My apologies for that inconvenience.

        To be sure this does not occur in the future please:
        ~Double check that your addresses are identical
        ~You are not using a debit card feature.

        We also advise the use of PayPal (make sure that you confirm addresses and billing statements on that account as well).
        If the problem persists please contact our customer support at:
        help(at) (M-F 10am-5pm PST)

  • Onye says:

    I ordered 5 shoes so I can get the free shipping for over $100 and they messed up my order and didn’t send 2 of the shoe’s I told them they didn’t send the 2 shoes and they keep insisting they did when I obviously only received 3 out of the 5. These people are THIEVES!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!

    • Hello Onye,
      My deepest apologies for this quite late response. If you would like please send me a message on Facebook (or here; whichever is more convenient) with your:
      ~Name used on the order

      So I may figure out why this discrepancy occurred. I hope you will give me a chance to offer recompense for the unintentional headache caused during your order and possibly give us another try. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Enk says:

    Discount Womens Dress Shoes
    (802) 490-3937

  • Teju says:

    OMG! Really these people are THIEVES!!! I ordered 3shoes and 5handbags. they sent me the order out of which 1 handbag color was wrong. I contacted them multiple times! after several emails. they asked me if I keep the same color and they will return $5 to my Paypal account. I said NO. then they sent me return label and I shipped the wrong bag and when I received UPS notification as The bag is reached their warehouse, I contacted them to send me the right one. They told me It would take 3-4 business days for the exchange to PROCESS!! ok, i waited, and next day suddenly I got refund for the bag!! WOW, expected the exchange, asked for exchange multiple times.., do they understand what exchange is!! My order was $160+ as I ordered several items and now what they did is just sent me email saying, use some 10% CCode for next time purchase! this is how you resolve the problem! If I will order the bag alone, i need to pay $10 shipping!! these people are worthless! TERRIBLE customer support! NEVER buying anything from here again!

    • Hello Teju,
      My deepest apologies that you have a had a trying experience with our services. I can only assure you that this type of occurrence is in the minority. May I ask what was your Order#?
      With that I can then help find out why this happened to you and refine the services our representatives provide.

  • teju says:

    thanks shannon for your quick reply!
    the order number is #46110
    can you really help your customers!!! as i did follow up for a very long time and nothing happened!!
    And also I purchased a black purse from you, the chain broke after ONE USE!! i mean what an excellent quality items you sell that cant even last for a DAY!! just feel like you really cheat and fool around with your customers!

    • Hello Teja,
      This did start as trouble with our warehouse personnel’s inattentiveness. Please understand that this was human error and not intentional or malicious. According to our internal notes: after customer service processed your exchange and notified our warehouse, to prep for shipment, they encountered the problem that your original ordered bag “Zzz-Me-L11103-Black-Shoulder-Bags” was out of stock. Due to our policy if we are unable to provide the item requested we refund it immediately rather than holding onto your funds.

      Regarding the broken bag: If you take a photo of the bag and broken chain, then email the photos to our support ( they should be able to provide further assistance even sending out a replacement chain or possibly a replacement bag; within our policy’s limits. We will also notify the designer of the quality issues. Thank you for your continued discourse.

      • Lily says:

        Human error…Hah, more like you have no concept of doing it the correct way. Human error wouldn’t result in hundreds of consistently terrible reviews. Rude. Your company should be ashamed.

  • kk says:

    I wish I knew about these problems before I even considered ordering from DWD Shoes. I ordered boots a couple of weeks ago and around two days later from the day I ordered, I received an e-mail saying my order had been shipped and provided me with an USPS tracking number. I was impressed at that point until another week later I tried to track my shipment online and USPS did not have any information on it, so I called today March.4.2013 and the customer service rep said it might be an invalid USPS number and they don’t have a package with that number. I have used USPS before for international shipment and had no problems. I AM ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED. I am hoping DWD Shoes has a good explanation for this, I send them a inquiry today.

    • Hello kk,
      Would you please be able to provide your Order#? With that I can look at our internal notes to find if anything changed. Thank you.

    • Hello kk, according to our internal notes your order was shipped on 2/22/13 via USPS International First Class mail with no issue. International First Class mail is the most economical shipping option available, however being such it does have the drawback of a lack of detailed tracking. The most I can hope for is that customs will scan your package which will update its status on We will contact USPS from our end to see what else can be done aside from the over 30 days Inquiries & Claims process. Otherwise on average it takes ~10-15 Business Days for international shipments via this method. Sorry for the inconvenience and worry.

      • kk says:

        I am going to wait for one more week (March 15, 2013)which will be the end of 15 business days from the time it was shipped. Hopefully I will get it by then, otherwise I do expect a refund please.

      • kk says:

        Hi Sharon..I finally got the boots on the 15th day. I am certainly glad I got them. It fits well and looks nice.

      • I am very glad to hear that. Unfortunately it isn’t uncommon that packages frequently are held up in Canada Customs which severely delay shipment times. Thank you for being so patient.

  • felicia says:

    I was about to place an order with them, I am glad I saw this first..

  • k.koenig says:

    well even after reading all the horror stories i’m going to give them a try and see what happens. im only going to order one pair and hopefully if something goes wrong i’ll be able to contact Shannon Smith…..

  • gayle says:

    I’m gonna move to US in few months. I saw dwd site last feb. I was kind of excited to shop not until I saw this thread and scary experience from the site. Until now, Idk if I should try online shopping with them. Should I give it a try?

    • Hello Gayle, though we have had our share of missteps we strive to satisfy our customers when possible and have continued to provide such service to the the 158000+.

      In the event you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to me on Facebook (, submit a customer support ticket (, email our CS team at, and/or use Live Chat ( (M-F 10am-5pm PST)).

  • Nat says:

    Hello, Same here horible experience with Horrible quality. Last week I ordered Darlene-Su Fuchsia boots and just got them on UPS. Very disatisfied with quality and I dont recomend anybody to buy for this website or brand. The boots look like I, cut that material and sewed them myself. They’re dirty glue and smell bad. I request my whole refund beacuse I gave money to them but they send trash boots. I’m sorry but Im really mad. And then after returning the item, they want to keep some money for them because they paid shippment. I don’t care I needed quality boots. They look nice and attracted in the picture but in reality its very very low quality!

    • Hello Nat, I am sorry that you were not completely satisfied with the quality of the items provided. As is stated in our store policy regarding returns you may do so within 30 days for a refund (which does not include shipping fees). I would like to however discuss your case with our customer support supervisor, but in order to do so I require any of these:
      ~Name used
      If you would like to not disclose the above here please send me a private message through Facebook ( I wish to assist you in any way that I can.

      Thank you for your valuable critiques as we, and the designers we work alongside, strive for higher standards of quality in the products that are offered for the same affordable prices.

  • menswear says:

    We stumbled over here from a different page and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page yet again.

  • amanda says:

    I ordered from these guys a couple years ago and they screwed up my order. Offered me a discount code, didn’t say it had to be used in a certain amount of time. Then when i placed my order the other day, their employee assured me they would honor it, told me to just place my order and they would credit the correct amount back to my card. Then once I submitted the order and gave them my card number, they charged me the whole amount and denied the credit they promised and shipped it out. like 15 emails arguing with these guys. They lost a customer over 20 bucks. Didn’t care about the money, but on the principle alone I’ll never shop there again, and I had to file a bbb complaint about them charging me more then they said they were going to. The owner then tried to tell me if I was so unhappy I should just send them the order back. I waited a week and needed the shoes for an event I was going to, don;’t have time to shop for more, and he still has my money. And expects me to pay to ship them back to them. Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. And total scheme to get your money. I don’t recommend ordering from them unless you want to get ripped off.

    • nina says:

      Hello.. I am currently in the border of buying form dwdshoes or not.. I dont know if I should or not seeing these scary reviews.. Help

    • Hello, Amanda. I am very sorry that you were having such issues with our customer service. We have made great strides over the past years to improve on this aspect and your experience is not the norm that we strive for. Even if we have lost you as a future customer I would like to help resolve your issue. In order to do that would you please provide your:
      ~Name used on order
      ~Order#’s (both if possible; though your most recent is sufficient)
      ~Name of the representative you talked to

      With this info I will have a discussion with them and their supervisor to see what more could have been done and where we must improve. My deepest apologies that you have been affected so adversely by this series of events.

      You can also message me directly here:

      • amanda says:

        The guy I talked to said he was the manager so doubt yOu’re gonna fix it. *Order number:*
        Guy was David lady was desiree. If you could tell me how to Send the other 2 pairs I bought back that would be great. I’d send them all back but I wore a pair thinking your company was going to honor their commitment so now I can’t return them. And I don’t want to wait a month for my refund either

    • Looking at your BBB complaint (Case 20045720) and related info. You had mentioned a screen capture with an employee prior to the leadership change. Though it is stated that it was attached I have not been able to find it. Would you mind messaging it to me?
      Depending on who the employee was I may be able contact them for verification. Though a long shot it is the only action I can take that wouldn’t explicitly break company policy on disputes. Thank you for your cooperation.

      *Note: David is the manager of our Customer Service Department. I am a manager of a separate department that interacts with customers through alternative avenues. Though my influence is comparatively limited.

      • Jamee Mannarino says:

        Mrs. Smith,
        My husband recently purchased a jacket and a pair of shoes from dwd shoes, I was wondering approximately when my shipment will arrive to me? Seeing as many problems have gone wrong with this website including shipments not arriving nor coming on time, at least that’s what these posts consist of. My tracking number is 61299998913021311047

  • Trish says:

    Youre awesome for not taking down your original review.

  • Lauren White says:

    wow. speak for yourself. I ordered some boots from this site and I get soooo many compliments on them! they were perfect in every way. Timely shipping, no damage, and I even found a coupon online!!! So yea, maybe I got lucky? *shrug*

  • Kristine Labra says:

    Just orderd a pair of boots here and everytime i try to track my order it says order can not be found, i left a message on chat since it was offline i tried emailing them yet no replies and i tried calling them but no one was there i even phoned ups and they said they had no record of that order what so ever!! I am beyond upset! I only wish i did more research on this website before i placed my order.

    • Hello Kristine,
      I am very sorry for you troubles. However I’d like to help. According to our records your order (#102778) on 5/12/14 was processed and shipped on 5/13/14 via USPS (not UPS; which may explain why it is not found). Secondly, we ship international and Canada packages through USPS’s International First Class Mail. Unfortunately due to the savings this shipping method provides to our customers it lacks certain features; like complete tracking. Generally it should take ~10-15 Business Days. Please note that this may increase due to customs and Canada Post handling.

      If you have any further issues or question please contact our customer support at:
      Email: support(at)

      Sorry again for the undue worry and inconvenience. Have a DWD-day!

      • Adriana says:

        I am actually very nervous because I ordered a pair of shoes here yesterday so I hope they come and I won’t have to deal with what you guys dealt with

  • Carisah says:

    I wish i would have seen this before i bought from them i got my shoes in the beginging of the year and iv just been getting the run around and they still wont refund me and all of the studs are discolored on my shoes and there were some missing from them and its now october and they went as far as sending me a fake email from paypal sayig they returned my money only for paypal to tell me its fake this company is the worst ive ever ordered from and i highly suggest no ine else buy from them

  • About 6 days ago, I purchased some shoes from because I needed some new boots for the winter. I never received a confirmation email on my purchase or anything. I finally checked my PayPal account and it said that my purchase had been canceled and my money was refunded. I’m not upset about the money. I want to know why in the world my purchase was canceled when I had paid for the shoes already. If they were out of stock on the shoes, they should have said so. They didn’t even try to contact me to let me know what was going on. I don’t get it! It upsets me because now I don’t have the money to go back and purchase the shoes because it was spent on bills. These people need to be put out of business if they are as bad as everyone says they are!

  • Houa says:

    Naim Vang Xiong

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